Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finding Mr Right

Sometimes I wonder if everybody really has a Mr right somewhere. Someone that you truly clicked from the first moment you saw each other, talked to each other, kissed each other and made love to each other. Or is it love more of a process? A process of learning and improving and adapting like everyhing else.

It would be cool if love at first sight really do exist. It will be romantic like in those Disney movies that I always watched when I was a child.

I heard those saying that if you love a person, then let him go. If he's meant to be yours, he'll come back. But really, seriously, do you want to take the chances to let go? Don't you want to make it work, doing some personal adjustments?

I've been dating heaps of guys last year. heaps! I've never dated so many guys in a year before. Usually I'm quite busy with study, work, dancing, hobbies, myself, sleeping, etc.
But last year I joined this internet dating website and just take the chances to meet guys and guys in person, even though sometimes it didn't seem to be the right guy over the internet.

As up till now, I havent found the right man yet, and I wonder if I ever will be, after those so many guys that i dated. I'm quite tired now. I just want to go to sleep and dream about winning a lottery. I told my good friend last month that I would give another 5 guys a go. After that, I would be done with dating. (Not forever of course, just until I change my mind again).

and now just after 2 men, I think I'm going to give up.

As I know I'm not perfect, I still wish there is a perfect man for me out there. Someone who is funny, smart, has a good career, loving, kind, romantic, sensitive, charming, loves to cuddle, has a positive outlook on life and doesn't look too bad :) Someone who I share the deepest physical connection and sexual connection. Someone who can be my best friend, someonewho who i feel comfortable and can be my self around. someone who gets me, cares for me and respect me.
someone whom I dont want to let go when i hug him. someone whom I miss all day and all night. and someone who is appreciative of what I did to him.

Maybe I am asking for too much? I mean that's a lot of someone.

Does a perfect man and such a true connection really exist?

I dated many men who are all smart, successful and not bad looking. But why nowadays Mr right is not just all about looks and car? everybody is busy, everybody is tired, everybody has to put the effort if they want a relationship to work. Or maybe I havent found the right one yet?

or maybe I'm the one who is the problem?

:( :( :(

To be continued to part 2

Part 2 would be really interesting, Because I would tell all of you that I am not the problem afterall :)

Now let's all go to sleep and concentrate on winning that lottery.