Thursday, September 23, 2010


One of my favourite cakes ever, Monet, from La Renaissance Patisserie, The Rocks, Sydney. It's so delicious!
Layers of vanilla sponge and bavaroise (creme anglaise mixed with whipped cream), with raspberries, wrapped in folds of white chocolate.

It was my birthday 2 weeks ago, on the 7th and I haven't been posting since because I wanted to write something about birthday and I didn't know what to write.

Hm. Reflecting back,

I feel that there are things about me that have changed over this past year :

- I now have a desire to travel.
I used to feel lazy about the process of travelling, such as packing, unpacking, planning and the idea of if I get lost and who I should go with. Of course I always like the idea of travelling, the beauty and wisdom of it, afterall people said that it could change your life and open up your eyes and horizons but I'm such a lazy bum. If I have a holiday, I'd rather stay at home and sleep.   
Maybe reading the book Eat Pray Love tweaked that travel desire and I started to think that maybe I can figure out my life by travelling. I'm 26, and If people ask me what I want to be or do for the next ten years, I would have no idea. Of course I would make up stories just so that I don't look too clueless, hopeless or even irresponsible. But the truth is I really don't know. There are so many things that I want to do that I have trouble choosing and I don't know where to start. I also seems to live in the present, and not think about the future too much (which is good or bad I don't know) and take one day at a time. One thing for sure is I want to earn money doing something which I love, I want to keep dancing and I want to live everyday like my last day on earth. Or like a Sunday. I want to look forward to each day with so much enthusiasm. And be passionate, excited and interested. As Florence Henderson said, "Be interested and be interesting, Don't be boring." She is in her 70s and currently doing Dancing with the stars!

- I now want to live in Paris.
I have a very good friend and he ever told me that he wanted to live in Paris one day. I thought it was cool but I used to never think about it or want to live there. Paris was a bit foreign to me, and I have to learn a new language! And as you know I'm a bit lazy. But I always love French film and this past year I saw so many French movies and realize that I love them all. There are something about French movies that drew me right in. They are effortless-ly beautiful and the language is good to the ear as well. I also came to realize that 2 of my 3 favourite actresses are French. Audrey Tatou and Marion Cotilliard. Alot of my favourite movies are French (The Apartment, Priceless, Les Choristes, The diving bell and the butterfly, La Vie en Rose). And La Vie en Rose soundtrack (which is in French) is one of my favourite song ever. Really it is mesmerizing. I love Chanel and watching the movie Coco Avant Chanel which is about the live of Coco Chanel just made me love Paris even more. The culture, the setting, the elegance. I've always loved perfumes and of course French perfumes are wonderful. I love dancing and have always wanted to visit the Moulin Rouge. A few months ago I saw a burlesque DVD of The Crazy Horse Paris performance which is AMAZING! Dita Von Teese is known to always see the show whenever she's in Paris. Lastly this past year, I've been eating alot of French food. And sometimes when I dine in at a nice French restaurant with its French waiters and French diners around me, I can't help but feeling and imagining that I'm in Paris. I've always loved bread and butter and those which they served at the French restaurants are especially delicious. And the foods, cheese souffles, Sirloin steak cafe de Paris, Fish in lemon butter sauce, etc etc, creme brulees, French pastries, butter croissants, and somemore Souffles. French campagne! I've realized that I love so many French things, why don't I just live there for a little while?

The places that I want to visit one day:
Italy -  I want to eat pasta pizza and gelato like in the book Eat Pray Love. I want to go to the same exact restaurants/shops Elizabeth went to.  
Tokyo- I want to stay at the Love Hotels, eat the most creative and amazing bento boxes, (I love Japanese food!). I want to see Geisha and the crazy technology and vending machines. And the amazing Tokyo culture. 
New York - I want to see all the Broadway shows and look at the breathtaking view from the Empire State Building. I want to experience a wonderful white Christmas (like in the movie Home Alone). So Christmas-Y & lovely!
Las Vegas - I want to see all the Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas (there are like 7!), Glamorous ShowGirl shows, experience the best entertainment (famous comedys, concerts, productions, magics, musicals, from Criss Angel to David Copperfield, from Disney Lion King to Cher, Celine Dion, Elton John to Holly Madison) They have the most amazing shows in Vegas! Eat at all the famous restaurants (From ex-Iron Chef Wolfgang Puck, Michelin superstar Joel Robuchon, pretigious chef Charlie Palmer, Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, Iron Chef Bobby Flay, to the most honoured/awarded Chef Andre Rochat who has 3(!) award winning restaurants in Vegas). There are so many award winning chefs around the world working at Vegas. Not only Vegas has the best dining scenes, it has the most beautiful dining rooms/ the most luxurious menus too, (as people go to Vegas to spend money). Vegas has the best buffet too! (And actually, if you compare it to Sydney, the foods/good foods there are cheaper).
London - I want to have a Degustation dinner at The Fat Duck, have an Afternoon Tea at the Langham (which is said to be the best in England, that says alot), experience the Harrods foodhall (which is like the biggest food paradise in the world), watch theatre/musical at the London West End, hang out with Prince William (?)
Crazy Horse Paris
Love Hotels, Tokyo
Bento box
Langham's award winning afternoon tea
Las Vegas Showgirl
Joel Robuchon Restaurant, Las Vegas
Joel Robuchon Restaurant, Las Vegas
Andre's at The Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo Resort Hotel, Las Vegas (Chef Andre Rochat)
Alize Restaurant at the top of PalmS Casino Resort, Las Vegas (Chef Andre Rochat) LOOK AT THE VIEW!
Alize Restaurant, Las Vegas
Aureole Restaurant, Las Vegas (Chef Charlie Palmer)
Aureole Restaurant, Las Vegas
Aureole Restaurant, Las Vegas

Like Elizabeth Gilbert, I want to (one day) get out there, travel and marvel at something.
Niagara Falls at night

(It would be perfect if I can one day share these amazing journey/experiences with my parents and sister and brother) xx

As for my birthday, I got myself a new netbook. It's an Eee Pc Seashell Karim Rashid limited collection. I originally wanted the purple colour but they didn't have any in the shop but now I've started to love this brown one. I have alot of pink/purple accessories anyway (pen, notebook, coin purse, etc).

" When I woke up this morning I asked myself : What are some of the secrets of success in life? I found the answer right there in my very room. The Fan said - Be cool. The Roof said - Aim high. The Window said - See the world. The Clock said - Every minute is precious. The Mirror said - Reflect before you act. The door said - Push hard for your goals. And don't forget, most importantly the Carpet said Kneel down and pray." Anonymous

“For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. For beautiful hair, let a child run his fingers through it once a day. For poise, walk with the knowledge you’ll never walk alone.” Audrey Hepburn    

Ps : These pictures are from the internet. I saved it to my computer and forget where I got it from :( I'll try to look for it. Most of it are from google and tumblr.

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  1. you and me think alike! after reading eat pray love. all I want to do is travel-travel-travel.
    and I always wanted to live in paris for couple of years!

    I love the quote by anonymous. thx for sharing. keep bloging. see you soon!