Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Food Highlight (January - March)


Pistachio roulade & cafe latte at La Renaissance Cafe, The Rocks.

Brioche with dulce de leche & flat white at Reuben Hills Cafe. Yum! the brioche and the sauce are so perfect to have in the morning when I don't want anything too heavy.

House strawberry and mint soda at Reuben Hills Cafe.

Cannoli & picollo latte at The Goods Cafe, Surry Hills.

Eggs benedict with ham & mushroom at Robocog cafe, Surry Hills. Yum! Look at that!

Breakfast trifle with fruits, berries, granola, jelly and yogurt. From Robocog cafe, Surry Hills.

Chorizo and avocado stack with hash brown, poached eggs and capsicum salsa, from Two Goods Eggs Cafe, Surry Hills. This place is less than a minute away from my place. The hash brown and the eggs are the standout for me :)

Yes this is my breakfast :) Meat waffle with shredded pork neck, bbq sauce, green tomato and fried egg, from The Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills.


Jamon ham & buffalo mozarella with baby spinach, vine tomatoes & basil, from The Fine Food Store, Surry Hills. Ahh... the ham and the cheese and the bread are amazing, This is not the typical ham & cheese sandwich. This is special :)

My perfect drink! 'The Bomber' which has 4 espresso shots, a dash of chocolate and thick vanilla gelato blended. Also from The Fine Food Store.

My delicious and healthy chirashi sushi lunch from Izakaya Yebisu. I love Japanese food :D

Some really fresh sashimi from Zushi Japanese Restaurant, Surry Hills.

Japanese style pasta :) This is spicy cream spaghetti with crab meat and fried soft shell crab. From Poporo, Market City.

Ok guys ^^, this is one of my favourite dish EVER and it cost only about $8! It is very hot and spicy and satisfying. I love this dish so much that I eat it at least once a week every week haha :) It's called 'spicy noodle soup' from Thainatown, a casual Thai restaurant at Goulburn st. There is fish ball, fish cake, pork, crab stick, pork crackle, etc (which means I don't know what else is there). If you love spicy, you have to give this a try. Just be prepared to get addicted though :p

Pan fried squid, chorizo and baby potatoes with tomato jam, roast garlic aioli and radicchio. Oh My God I love tender squids such as these ones. Paired with my other favourite things to eat such as aioli, potatoes and chorizo. Well, at least my drink is healthy :) I had this at Sydney Dance Company cafe which I go often for the dance classes. Yeay eating and dancing ^^

Lamb prosciutto and some amazing bread from Baccomatto Osteria. This place is less than a minute away from my place. How lucky I am!

Squid ink pasta with crab and peas, also from Baccomatto Osteria. I love everything about this dish. So delicious and the pea sauce makes it quite fresh and lovely as well. And the glass of Chardonnay makes it a complete meal :p

Duck and truffle tortelli with butter and sage. From Pasta Emilia, Surry Hills. My drink is sparkling orange wine (!!) which is super lovely (I've never had orange wine before). This place is very close from where I live too :)

Another place that is very close to my place is Quattro Passi at Darlinghurst. I love this place, the lunch menu changes everyday, very reasonably priced and the food is great. This one is angel hair pasta with barramundi, salmon, prawn and leek. I LOVE pasta! Can't you tell? ^^


Risotto with zucchini, peas, asparagus and radish. From Fratelli Fresh, Walsh Bay. Just the right amount of cheesiness. Love it!

Mushroom ragu pasta from Fratelli Fresh, Walsh Bay. I loveeeee mushroom :)

Witlof salad with pears, gorgonzola, walnuts & pomegranate from Fratelli Fresh, Walsh Bay. I just love the combination of pear and gorgonzola and overall, it is so healthy & fresh & good for my body (hehe). Did you see my Campari & fresh orange juice drink? ;)

Pistachio pannacotta with berries and jelly from Fratelli Fresh, Walsh Bay. The pannacotta is so smooth and perfect OmG. Yes I go to this place alot because it's just across the road from Sydney Dance Company. Thank God for dancing! Otherwise I would really overweight be, considering all the stuff and the frequency that I eat! Even writing this makes me hungry :D

Vegan warm vermicelli salad with sautéed Shitaki, Shimeji and Enoki mushroom. With mushroom & vegetable bun. So delicious :) MUSHROOMS!


Crisp ocean trout, ruby grapefruit, rice noodles, coriander and chilli salad, from Bill's Surry Hills. Fresh, healthy, pretty and delicious.

Crispy skin Mulloway, served with leek, white cabbage and beurre blanc sauce. At Baroque Bistro, The Rocks. Amazing! The fish is moist and perfectly cooked, the skin is also crispy and the sauce is YUMM. Accompanied with a really nice glass of Pinot Gris :)

Sesame crusted tuna with orange and fennel salad from Room 9 cafe, Surry Hills. Wow, just look at that tuna! Is that perfect or what?!


Yogurt cake & a big cafe latte from Room 9, Surry Hills. I LOVE the cake. The service is so lovely, after eating the tuna and then this, I couldn't finish my cake, so they offered to wrap it up for me to bring home. I love good service! It just makes my day knowing that people goes to that extra mile :)

My favourite creme caramel from La Renaissance Patisserie, The Rocks. Such a beautiful taste of caramel and not too sweet either (which is very rare for creme caramel) ^^

Mango and Mandarin mousse from Baroque Bistro, The Rocks.

Mylo Can: Milk chocolate mousse, mint and Milo cremeaux, cinnamon sable, Milo crunch and raspberry jam. From Adriano Zumbo Patissier.

Rose & raspberry mousse topped with rose champagne jelly, from Via Del Corso, Sydney Westfield. I had this just a day before Valentine's day :)

Red velvet cake & whipped cream & flat white from The Chocolate Room, Sussex street. I love Red Velvet cake!

This coconut and lime custard tart is so good. Especially with my green tea macaron and black coffee. From Via Del Corso, Sydney Westfield.


Kalamansi lime & ginger sorbet, honey gelato, coconut biscuit, honeycomb. OMG I have to say this. I love the bright yellow colour!

When you cut it open! Surprise! there is something inside ;)

Smoked maple gelato, pumpkin mousse, sable biscuit, pumpkin jelly and bacon crunch. This one tastes quite interesting :)

This is called 'So wrong it's right' (haha): Caramel cheesecake gelato, duck fat caramel, potato chips, bacon marshmallow. I find the caramel cheesecake a bit too heavy for my liking especially since the portion is huge (3 scoops of gelato), but I love the sweet and salty potato chips with caramel sauce. I can finish a big bowl of that!

Lychee martini sorbet. Lychee is one of my favourite fruits and who doesn't love a martini?

Super zuppa: Chocolate custard gelato with lemon scented vanilla custard gelato, layered with Marsala soaked sponge biscuits.

Baklava: Rosewater gelato with homemade smashed baklava. I ordered this because I love baklava more than anyone in this world :)

Monoffee pie: Caramel gelato with banana jam, whipped cream and pie crust. I ordered this because banoffee pie is one of my favourite all time dessert :)



Tweedledee & Tweedledum : roasted beef and fresh asparagus roulade on mini laugen Caterpillar,
Cherry bocconcini & tomato on fresh green salad boat,
Alice in Wonderland: Alaskan crabmeat salad on double bread wrapped in cucumber.

The Madhatter's Hat: rich dark chocolate mud cake encased in chocolate icing,
The White Rabbit's Pocket Watch: purple macaroon with a blueberry cream filling,
The Queen of Hearts: layers of raspberry buttercream, chocolate ganache and raspberry jelly

I especially love all the savoury bites :D

Scones with homemade strawberry jam, raspberry chocolate jam and clotted cream.

I had the rosebud tea which is lovely. Overall it was a fun day with my girlfriend although the service is a bit slow and lacking. I understand the slow service as the room is quite busy but I find the service is not very friendly either. I'd say my high tea overall experience at Sir Stamford Circular Quay is so much more memorable & enjoyable. Read all about it here


Spiced apple pie and Watermelon caiprioska cocktails. I had dinner here the other week and OMG the foods and the cocktails are fabulous. Their fried cauliflowers signature dish is sensational and everything else (I had pork belly pierogi, lamb shoulder with yogurt and grilled cuttlefish with squid ink) is faultless. The price is very reasonable and the service is very friendly and knowledgeable too. I would mark it 10/10. Looking forward to going back there soon.

These Carvo Caramel Vodka I had at Food Society is out of this world. I'd really love to buy a whole bottle of this!

The beautiful bathroom at Food Society. Oh they also have live music on Sundays. How thoughtful & wonderful!

Now back to gelatos, these are all the gelatos I had at N2 Extreme Gelato! :

On the left is lavender and almond gelato with white chocolate fudge. On the right is strawberry and champagne sorbet. I love the one on the right, it really tasted like champagne!

On the left is VB beer gelato. On the right is strawberry gelato with Shiraz merengue and chocolate flakes.

On the left is Lemon & Ouzo sorbet. On the right is milk chocolate gelato with peanut nougat, salted caramel whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and a shot of peanut butter. WoW!

Fortune cookie gelato I had at Chinese New Year. It said that someone is speaking well of me. I wonder who :)

Strawberry & rosewater meringue pie gelato.

Blackforest: Chocolate cake pieces, cherry chocolate gelato, kirsch whipped cream, dark chocolate flakes and a cherry on top.

Deconstructed donut jam: Cinnamon donut gelato with jam.


I absolutely love this almond granita. Beautiful almond flavour and just the right amount of sweetness. So good!!!

This place make awesome gelato sticks!

An Italian egg based cream gelato drizzled with balsamic from Modena.

Simplicity at its finest. A white cream pure gelato with a touch of Madagascar aromatic bourbon vanilla. One of my favourite flavour from my favourite gelato place.

The BEST lemon sorbet I've ever had. Taste so fresh and delightful and lemony without it being too tart/too sweet and the texture is soooo smooth.

The fruits of the forest sorbet from Rivareno. This sorbet has such a good rich juicy flavour, without it being too sour/too sweet. I just love everything that Rivareno sells.


A box of chocolates from Oliver Brown. The one that shaped like a donut is my favourite.


Love these 5 Magnum kisses:
1st First kiss - Creme brulee
2nd Loving kiss - Meringue et fruits rouges
3rd Passionate kiss - Tiramisu
4th Flirty kiss - Chocolate gateau
5th Stolen kiss - Apple tart

Hmm, I have to say though that the 2nd kiss should be the stolen one, the third kiss should be the flirty one, the fourth should be the passionate one, and the fifth/ last should be the loving one. Wouldn't that be the right/normal order?
Hello, Magnum???

THE END! (yeay now I can eat)