I love :

- Dancing (that single fleeting moment when you feel alive)
- Ice skating (the feeling of freedom) and having the whole empty rink to myself.
- Looking at restaurants website's menus and all the pictures. Even reading the reviews and the chef's profile.
- Admiring (gazing, staring without blinking, salivating over) food blogs.
- Taking pictures (of anything).
- A cup of coffee (greatness in a small thing).
- The first sip of coffee when you just got up.
- Looking at children. They are so adorable ^_^
- Staying at nice hotels. I love hotels. (where else you can have a food delivery at 4am?).
- Creme brulee. Chocolate fondants with ice cream. Cheese Souffles. Custard.
- Wine bar & awesome cheese platter. Oyster bar. Tapas bar. Bars :)
- Foods. Entree. Main. Dessert. Charcuterie plate. Cheese course. Canapes. Degustation. Amuse Bouche & Petit fours :)
- Having a degustation (the best I had is at Bistro Ortolan Sydney)
- A cup of tea (liquid wisdom).
- Getting Massages. while listening to some rainfall/waves music.
-Beautiful matching lingeries with suspenders.
- Watching Broadway musicals and ballet.
- Cirque Du Soleil. They give me shivers. I love that kind of shivers.
- I love my family and friends, Of course.
- Seeing them happy.
- Nice people. Nice waiter. Nice sales assistant. Nice men.
- Strangers who smile (one time one bus driver greeted cheerfully every single passengers who board the bus 'Hello!Good Morning!!' with the biggest smile. He definately made my day, got me to smile and think how beautiful the morning is (it's 6 o'clock in one (miserable) winter morning. I said a prayer for him in the bus). Love his enthusiasm and happy positive attitude.
- Love men who take pride on their works, whatever it is.
- Fathers who work day and night for his family. And wife who is grateful for what she has and not looking for some richer catch.
- Children who respect their parents. You won't be here without them.
- Teachers. Any teachers in the world. Farmers too.
- Taxi driver who is fast and doesn't try to go all around the globe.
- I collect Big Earrings :)
- Handbags and clutches. Love Alannah Hill, Mimco, Leona Edmiston and Chanel.
- Disney movies.
- Disneyland (I want to move there when I retire).
- Waking up late (I am not a morning person, covinced I'm born this way).
- The free warm fresh bread and french butter which they give in any posh restaurants. ( I also strongly believe in the sayings, 'Everything goes better with butter').
- My weakness is whipped cream, soft serve ice cream and butter.
- Having Baths. while listening to that sea waves music. I love Crabtree & Evelyn La Source relaxing bath tablet. The bath water turns into a sea of blue aquamarine spa bath infused with minerals and natural extracts of sea algae which calm and ease the mind and body. I can then imagine that I'm in the real sea :) the music sure helps :)
- Laying in bed the whole day and reading a good book while it's raining outside.
- Asking people (within 5 seconds of our first meeting) what their zodic are. (now tell me am I normal).
- Reading good chicklits. (I like Kathleen Tessaro, Tasmina Perry, Jackie Collins and Candace Bushnell).
- Watching Heavy deep arty/foreign movies (the more depressing, the more I tend to like it) (the more I think about it, the more I question my mental health)
- Cuddling/spooning during winter nights. With a male.
- Sunsets (beautiful in a mysterius way).
- Airports (I can't describe why, I guess it's that feeling of a place where new adventure begins).
- Old couple holding hands.
- Finally be able to close my eyes and sleep when I haven't slept for days.
- Unexpected gestures (a guy in the convenience store gave me one free Ferrero Rocher one day. Such a kind gesture).
- The butterfly feeling when you fall in love.
- Boyfriend(s) who says I love you often. And cuddle you all the time. And hold you when you sleep. And buy you flowers. And. And, And (ok stop, I'm freaking out the male population) :)
- Getting a present. Doesn't matter what it is as long as it is wrapped/boxed/tied up with a ribbon. It's the idea of unwrapping them (more like TEARING THEM UP!) that I like :)
- Winning a lottery.

Favourite food =
-Fresh homemade pasta
-Anything duck. Anything pork belly.
-Oysters (Kingsley's kilpatric, Longrain's version, or just natural with lemon (freshly shucked) )
-Longrain's egg-net
-Aperitif's garlic chilli prawn
-Golden century's XO pipis and Fu Jian fried rice
-Pizza Mario's pizza margherita extra
-Sushi E's spicy raw tuna roll & the most amazing scallop sashimi
-Sokyo's tai yuzu sashimi and the most fabulous dessert platter
-Sea urchin sushi
-Cafe Sopra's bannoffee pie and pasta carbonara.
-Red Lantern's duck salad (they don't have that in the menu anymore :(
why why why why why why why why why why)
-Red Lantern's organic coconut milk creme caramel
-Ms G's mini pork belly bun.
-China Doll's crispy pork belly with chilli caramel.
-Cafe Sydney's tandoori roasted Tasmanian ocean trout.
-John Dory carpaccio that I had at Pier.
-Buon Ricardo truffle egg fettucini !
-Buzo's prosciutto and truffle lasagne. Buzo's warm baked chocolate cake.
-Baroque's duck liver parfait.
-Blue Angel's Steak diane, lobster carpaccio and spaghetti nero.
-Catalina's Riverine beef tenderloin with eschalots, truffle, bone marrow butter and red wine jus.
-Bacco Pasticceria's pannacota
-Victoria Room's rose pannacota
-Guylian Chocolate cafe golden chocolate brownie.
-Baskin Robbins' peanut butter chocolate ice cream.
-RIVARENO'S salted caramel gelato with pink himalayan sea salt
-N2 butter popcorn gelato
-My big fat greek paddle pop from Gelato Messina
-Cognac Ice Chocolate from Kakawa Chocolates
-Toffee souffle & pecan butter ice cream at Glass brasserie.
-Serendipity dark rum and raisin ice cream & pavlova passion ice cream.
-another 1000 more (do you really want to hear lol)

Favourite cake =
- Lindt chocolate cafe's
St Moritz, White chocolate Framboise.
- La Renaissance Pattiserie's
Monet , Mousse Picasso, Mousse Van Gogh.

Favourite Restaurants =
- Longrain Surry and Sokyo at The Star
Great crowd, great vibe, AMAZING food.
- Blue Angel
They specialised in lobster and (high grade) wagyu steak dishes! They also prepare/cook the steak tartare, steak diane, lobster marco polo & crepe suzette in front of you. How cool!
- Quay Sydney
The waiting time distance between degustations are so spot on!, best view in Sydney, the most outstanding service ever.
China Doll
Love how you can order dishes in smaller portions so you can try a few dishes. Love the view, love the service, love the food.
- Otto, Aki's and Kingsley
Love all the restaurants at Wooloomooloo Wharf. Beautiful water view, great food.
- Red lantern Surry Hills
They use alot of organic products, the food tastes so fresh, The desserts are AMAZING, so does the duck salad.
- Gastro Park KingsCross
I love crazy interesting creative amazing foods
- Cafe Sopra, Ms G's, Sake Restaurant, Sushi E at Establishment, LL Wine and Dine King Cross, Bistro Moncur Woolhara, Spice Temple, Flying Fish, (also)another 1000more
AMAZING foods :)
- I also love Pier Rosebay, Tabou Surry Hills and Bistro Ortolan which sadly they've closed down :(

Favourite Song =
The Blowers Daughter (I love the movie Closer to bits), Michael Buble (Haven't met you yet), Nothing's gonna change my love for you (such a classic), Katy's Perry's The one that got away (so sad), Sh-Boom Life could be a dream (so magical), A thousand Years - Christina Perri (so beautiful), Wonderful Tonight, Susan Wong's music.

Favourite perfumes =
- Thiery Mugler Angel
-Agent Provocateur
- YSL Baby Doll (my first perfume!)
- Lolita Lempicka

Favourite beauty products =
- Aveeno body lotion (this is the best lotion ever, it is cheap and it transforms my skin's texture)
- MOR & Sohum body lotion  (They have the best best perfumed body lotions, they all smelled heavenly!)
- Nars blush in Orgasm (part because I like the name ^^)
- MAC lipglass in Russian Red (I love red lips)
- Nars lip gloss in Striptease (the perfect nude gloss for smoky eyes)
- Bloom lipstick in Princess (it's so pretty)
- Ren Purifying facial scrub. (My face is super sensitive and this is so gentle)

Favourite celebrity/actors =
- Penelope Cruz
- Audrey Tatou
- Audrey Hepburn
- Marion Cottiliard
- Dita Von Teese
- Blake Lively

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