Saturday, October 2, 2010


I love these bookshelves pictures. Most of them are from and a few are from
There are many more great pictures from those websites, but these are my favourites. Sorry I couldn't provide most of the pictures' descriptions :( x

Interior of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County “Old Main” Building, photographer unknown, 1874.
In 1874 the Public Library of Cincinnati took possession of a small building intended to be an opera house. According to John Fleishman, “the parcel at 629 Vine Street was transformed in two stages into a library building that startled America with its cutting edge design. Its vast Main Hall featured five tiers of cast-iron book alcoves that could house over 200,000 volumes.”

Door leading to a room filled with books!!

Desk made out of books from the architecture library at Delft University of Technology.

Book building of the day. As part of a local children's bookfair, Slovakian artist Matej Kren was invited by the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna to install a massive fortress composed of thousands upon thousands of books.

Which one is your favourite?
(Now I feel like buying more books!!) :) x


  1. Oh. WOW. This title doesn't lie, these bookshelves *are* AMAZING!

  2. I love them all! I love bookshelves and since I was a child have wanted to live in a house with wall to ceiling bookshelves.

  3. Thank you for the comments :)
    They are amazing, arent they?
    I esp love the first one. To be able to read facing the sun (esp if I can open that glass window?)

  4. Amazing compilation! Thank you!

  5. The 6th picture down (after Karl Lagerfeld) is the Stockholm Public Library of 1928 by architect Gunnar Asplund.