Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Best Tv Series

So I have a lot. nowadays in fact the tv series are so better than most movies. And they are very addictive. as i always watch them in dvds, so when i have one season, i mostly finish them in one sitting or two.

These are some of my favourite. (from the most recent to the old favourites)

1. Hotel Babylon.

I always love hotels. I love the way it makes you feel like you are in a totally different world and you can be someone other than yourself for a while. It certainly holds many memories for me, good and bad. although mostly good.

and this show is amazing. it's posh, its like las vegas but the story is better. its part true events, part fiction. The stories of what happen behind close doors. the different types of guests, the various main hotel staffs. I am addicted.

2. The secret diary of a call girl.

The tv series is based on a bestselling novel, which the novel is based on the blogs of a real life London-based high class callgirl.

And Billie piper is so perfect as belle. The beautiful, witty, sexy, naughty belle. and the series is so mysterious, funny, charming, and slick. It is just the sexiest show in Tv.

3. Satisfaction

Satisfaction is an australian tv series about a group of women who are working at an upmarket brothel. its about their life and their friendship. The settings, the costume, and the dress are just gorgeous. The women, the stories are beautiful and touching. The sexual fantasy is interesting. This show are critically acclaimed in Australia and win/nominated in a few Tv awards(best drama, best actress). I love this show. Its amazing.

(The reason why I only post video for satisfaction is because other videos dont do the other series justice. This is the only good overall insight video.)

4. Damages

The stories, the way they twists and turns are genius. You just keep guessing and thinking and you wouldnt want to do anything else when you have this dvd. You'll watch it in one sitting and ignore all calls. or at least i did. Its so gripping and amaZing.

5. Mad Men

This show is so stylish and ohh i am so loving the old hollywood glamour feel. The women are so feminine with their long dresses, accessories, jewelleries and perfect hair-dos. The beautiful housewifes, the cheating husbands, the redhead sexy secretary and The clever adverstising slogans. I'm totally happy if i can just watch January Jones and Christina Hendricks getting dressed up all day long.

6. True blood

A tv series about vampire. Why am i feeling that this is the most romantic tv series ever? haha. i mean the idea of the story is so beautiful. and the way they produce it is out of this world. It is so fantasy-like, yet the way they portray the story is so real. and i feel that everything is so beautifully romantic. I personally love this, way more than Twilight.

7. Friends

What can I say about this one? The funniest thing ever! Ohhh I just adore them and i can really watch the show over and over again and still laugh!

8. Sex and the city

You actually learn alot from this!
Not only the fashions are fantastic, but the show is educational, it is funny, it is entertaining, It gives grerat insights on sex, dating, and friendship. Its like a reading a self help manual but much more interesting with the drama, designer fashion, shoes, bags, and the New York background. I love New York....!

9. Gossip girl

Not only the casts are gorgeous in all their very different ways, the story line is very addictive. Its like a soap opera (with the beautiful casts) but with a great non-monotone story. Its about the upper east Manhattan elite circle friendship and drama. So of course the fashion is fantastic. The girls can best friends at one time and enemies soon after and back to friends again. The bitchiness and the competition among each other can be quite addictive. It's a good-quality guilty pleasure.

10. Greys anatomy

There are so many medical dramas in Tv. What makes grey anatomy so special is because
-the cast is very strong, each cast has a big personality, big story and big acting.
-the medical stories is very upto date and interesting,
-i love the way meredith talks about life in the beginning and in the end of each episode. its like sexandthecity narrated. and it often involved very interesting and reflective words and quotes.

-----to be continued-----