Saturday, August 25, 2012

Food diary JULY and AUGUST

Red velvet cake from Sweet Infinity. I love having black coffee (or black tea) with my sweets as it balances off the sweetness. This cake is the prettiest cake in the display. The red colour  and the cream cheese oh my goodness I just have to have one :)

Mini macarons (salted caramel, peanut butter milk chocolate, green tea latte) from Sweet Infinity. I love their macaroons because they are not sickeningly too sweet. They are spot on and just the right sweetness for me. All threes are so addictive! :-)

King salmon salad from Cloudy Bay Fish Co at Sydney Westfield. Fresh, tasty, healthy and the salmon tasted beautiful. If all salad is this good, I can imagine myself having salads more often haha :) The offices and park view is quite lovely too :) . All and all a beautiful lunch.

Now back to pizza :p At least there are some salads on the side :p. Moroccan Lamb Pizza from Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar, Sydney Westfield. Hmm I love lamb and yoghurt together :p

Adriano Zumbo's V8 cake (black sesame dacquiose, brown sugar crunch, lychee gel, raspberry sponge, raspberry jelly, liquorice cremeaux, rose chantilly patisserie). 
Pretty in pink (omg) and tasted so divine!! And look at the rose petal. Look. Look. Oh I wish I can bake a cake!

Adriano Zumbo Macarons (or as they say it Zumbarons) : Salted butter popcorn, Malted milkshake, Peach ice tea, Pancake & maple syrup. This is cuteness and awesomeness in a box. I especially love the salted butter popcorn as (you may know or you may not know) I love butter like the french chefs love butter and even a tiny bit more. Butter rocks!

Elvis The Fat Years (peanut butter gelato with banana jam and fried brioche bits) & Chocolate absinthe.
From Gelato Messina. YUM! I love love Gelato Messina because they always have new interesting flavours like every freaking day! I always go to their shop (either in Darlinghurst or The Star) at least once in week otherwise I would feel sick.

I just have to take picture of this!

From Gelato Messina. Bread & Butter pudding (cinnamon and sultana custard gelato with buttered vanilla brioche) AND Persian rocky road (white chocolate & rosewater gelato with rosewater & pistachio rocky road).
Butter, custard, rosewater (and gelato) ! They are like my favourites! I am so sold and converted!

Also from Gelato Messina. Salted coconut & mango salsa, Sexual chocolate (dark chocolate gelato with white chocolate fudge and freeze dried raspberries).
Sexual, chocolate, fudge and gelato all in one sentence. How could you not stop and take notice?

Pasta marinara from Flying Fish & Chips at The Star. The squids are so so so sooo tender (almost as tender as fish) . Seafood and pasta and a glass of white. I am a happy lady!

Movenpick Double cream & merengue flavour ice cream. 
Damn, I forgot to ask for extra whipped cream on top ><

Peanut butter chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins. My absolute favourite no1 ice cream flavour! Sometimes I would buy them in a take away pack and would eat them daily while watching the news. Kidding! I don't watch the news :)

Baskin Robbins strawberry cheesecake thickshake. I know this is super fattening but I can't help it ( please don't judge me) it just tastes so good beyond words and sentences. The strawberry cheesecake ice cream is my no 2 fav after the peanut butter chocolate ice cream. I've had the no 1-10 favourite sorted, noted and remembered :)

Coffee eclairs from Becasse Bakery at Sydney Westfield. Have I told you how much I love the coffee at Becasse bakery? (Yes I have in my last post!)

Coconut frozen yoghurt with yoghurt chips and mochis. From Wowcow.
Oh man! It's winter and yet I eat lots and lots of gelatos, ice creams, frozen yoghurts, ice peach teas and icy cocktails! I don't understand but you know as they say YOLO ^^

I love having the donut at Deus Ex Machina Cycleworks at Bourke St for breakfast. It is big, fresh, warm, sugary. I don't normally use the knife tho I just use my hands. Life is good :D

And afterwards, I love walking down/along Bourke st and go to Bourke St Bakery to have the Ginger brûlée tart. I love this place and I love this tart! Sometimes there is a queue but I don't mind queuing for food at all. I always bring a novel in my bag just in case I need to queue so I can read.

I was lunch-ing, having a mezze plate out in the sun overlooking the beautiful Darling Harbour at Georges Mediterranean Bar & Grill. Gosh Sydney is so beautiful. And I was so full.

The other day, I was having a lunch yumcha at Palace Chinese Restaurant. Their yumcha is one of my favourite as the place is nice and they have lots of varieties of dishes. I was having this super huge steamed oysters with XO sauce. I've never seen oysters that big!!!!! I couldn't stop talking and telling people about it after (and writing about it now). Not big but huge!

My favourites to order are the sesame prawn roll and the prawn toast. And my friend loves to eat salt and pepper squid so we ordered that :) I also on occasions order and love the panfried rice noodle (I love the peanut-y sauce. Are they peanut? who knows!) , the dumplings, the dimsim, the tripe and of course the chicken feet :)

Baked Corn Tortillas, queso, beans & chorizo grits from Reuben Hills Surry Hills. This place is always buzzing with people! The food is great, reasonably priced, the coffee is awesome and also since there is not many good mexican place in Surry Hills, so I love to come here. 
Ohh btw I ordered this one because I thought 'baked' means healthy? What are your thoughts?

My awesome cappuccino at Reuben Hills. And Yes if you have to ask, I love Jackie Collins novels :)

Brioche dipped in kirsch syrup with custard and raspberry, covered with soft merengue. From Le Breton Patisserie, Mosman. 
I can't (yet) pronounce the name of the shop but I can point at the cake and I also know how to put the cake in my watering mouth.

I am so proud of myself for being able to hold my appetite and take these 2 pictures first. That's called self-resistance. I can now include patience among one of my characters ;-)

Maharaja Thali at 9 Marys Modern Indian food, Sydney Westfield. I love the butter chicken. Man I just love butter. Period. I can definitely devour a big bowl of butter chicken sauce with naans. 

Reuben sandwich (Wagyu salt beef, pickles, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, mustard mayo on rye bread) with some duck fat roasted potatoes. At Reuben & Moore. 
This is the/my perfect/the ultimate sandwich. I tried to balance the fat and carbs by drinking some coconut water but who am I kidding!!!

Yes as you can see, I go to Sydney Westfield food court a lot. That place is like my second home. Sometimes I would walk around the food court ten times before (?!?!?!) finally deciding what I want to eat on that day. The choices are endless and I can't help but feeling confused and overwhelmed! And when I (finally) decide on one stall, I then have to think long and hard (10-30 min) on what I should order.
Then I eat. I am happy. The end.