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These are some of my favourite foods from 2014. I thought I post them here so when I'm feeling hungry (which is all the time), I can just look at these posts and remember/relive the good times :)

Biodynamic eggs with truffle oil, shaved parmesan with avocado, baby spinach, fresh herbs and sourdough. Definitely the best scrambled egg I've ever had! So delicious! 
The other dish is the biodynamic egg flourless pancake with ricotta, lemon butter, caramelised banana, maple syrup and strawberries. So divine!
I had this at Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen, Alexandria, which is one of my favourite cafe because they food is delicious and healthy :p

Potato rosti with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Simple and delicious. I LOVE hollandaise sauce <3. From Swiss Bakerz, Oxford st.

Poached eggs with buttered asparagus and parmesan on sourdough. From Pablo's Vice, Surry Hills.

My healthy breakfast ;) Free-range dairy-free scrambled eggs, wilted spinach, roasted tomato and roasted brocolli with chilli almonds. And my healthy drink ;) Green mango smoothies (mango, kale, lime, avocado, organic honey). I forgot the name of the shop but it's at Sydney Westfield foodcourt next to Crust Pizza. I try to eat healthy sometimes you know :)

Spaghetti with smoked pork belly in Napoli sauce from Ragu Pasta & Wine Bar, Sydney Westfield.

Crackling roast pork belly with sauteed potatoes and slow-braised red cabbage.
Mixed sausage platter with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.
From Lowenbrau Keller, The Rocks.

Wagyu beef slices pasta in sesame cream sauce. The beef is so tender and I love the lemon which cut the richness of the sauce. From Pasta Goma, Pitt st, Sydney (I think the restaurant has recently closed) ><

Peruvian roll: pork belly, fried sunny side egg, roast kumera, some sort of coleslaw (I think) and mayo (I think). Anyway who cares? Pork belly!
From The Copper Mill, Alexandria.

Tomyum noodle soup with barramundi & fish balls. I love love love Tom Yam. and the barramundi here is nicely cooked. I have this at At Bangkok restaurant, Capitol Square, which is one of my favourite Thai restaurant in Sydney. 

I love the Steak Diane from Blue Angel Restaurant, Darlinghurst (Although I normally have my steak medium rare but I like to have this one cooked rare because it is so thin). I love this place because they cook the steak diane in front of you so I guess that makes me feel special (lol). I also LOVE their squid ink spaghetti! Will make your mouth black (wouldn't recommend it as a first date's dish) but it's so delicious that it's worth it. 

Seared scallop, duck ham, rockmelon and sauce vierge. I LOVE french food (as I also love any other cuise out there). I dined at La Brasserie, a popular French restaurant at Darlinghurst just before it closed its door (sad >< ). The food is delicious. I had lunch on my own (yup I do that sometimes I don't feel weird as I have a thick skin) and I must say the service is lovely, the waiter is very attentive and he didn't make me feel weird at all for dining on my own.

Pan roasted black Angus pasture fed eye fillet with garlich spinach, foie gras & black truffle sauce. From La Brasserie. OMG this dish is so satisfying and paired with a glass of red, I was in absolute heaven. 

Ok, this is something healthy for a change :) 
Goats feta, fennel, biodynamic egg frittata with kale, caramelised red onion, thyme, and basil and served with daily salads. With Kyoto roasted ice green tea (which I love). Sugarless but has a hint of sweet caramel taste in it. From Bread & Circus Wholefood Canteen, Alexandria.

Apple Mapple Cheesecake. Apple mousse, cinnamon cheesecake, anzac biscuit, apple puree gel & yoghurt sponge. From Adriano Zumbo.

Green tea & white chocolate eclair from Becasse Bakery, Sydney Westfield.

Mango and coconut mousse tart from Becasse Bakery, Sydney Westfield. I love the combination of mango and  cocoonut together.

Salted caramel tart from La Cachette, Erskenville. Just the right balance of saltiness. Yum!

Caramel hazelnut kurtosh! I also love their lemon cheesecake. Absolutely love this place, they have many selections of cakes and you can buy as little as you want (which is perfect for me when I'm on a diet) (which is probably in 2099) :D
From Kurtosh, Darlinghurst.

Charcoal bun, kaya spread, pandan gelato, salted kaffir fudge, toasted coconut flakes, coconut milk and palm sugar syringe. From N2 Extreme gelato.

OH MY GOD this (T2) French Earl Grey tea infused dulce de leche gelato is probably the most delicious gelato I've ever eaten in my live! Aside from the super creamy texture that N2 is known for, I also absolutely love the flavour combination. Love Love Love. Who needs a boyfriend really when you have a French earl grey tea infused dulce de leche gelato? :)

And this beauty takes the title as no 2 most delicious gelato I've ever had! Red velvet fudge gelato with a cloud of cream cheese. Even the name sounds sexy (red + velvet + fudge + cream + cloud). Man oh man!

On the left here we have Chocolate Creme Egg (chocolate custard gelato with salted caramel centre and brulee top). And on the right we have Queen of Hearts (cheesecake gelato with pieces of red velvet cake and cream cheese topping). I love cheesecake and this would be the best cheesecake ice cream/gelato I've ever had. Who really needs a boyfriend anyway?

White chocolate matcha gelato with vanilla whipped cream and white chocolate syringe.

Mango sorbet, jackfruit and lychee bits, coconut whipped cream, durian coconut cream syringe. This is my last post about N2 Gelato (for now) hehe.

I lived in Redfern for about 2 months in 2014 and I discovered alot of nice cafes in that area. These are some of it:

Sauteed wild mushrooms, marinated ricotta, truffle balsamic & parmesan on toast.
From 3 Williams, Redfern. The truffle balsamic is so good <3

Glazed beef brisket, slaw, gherkins, chipotle mayo in home made naan style type of bread. The brisket is super tender! From 3 Williams, Redfern.

Vegetarian hotpot. 2 eggs, mushrooms, caramelised onions, spinach, cheese and toast. (Do you know that) I'm a vegetarion 2-3 times a week and this is a a really nice breakfast dish for vegetarians. The caramelised onion is sweet and the cheese is meting and the toast is perfect. From Crepe & Coffee Co, Redfern.

Crepes with bacon, egg and hollandaise (I love you) sauce. From Crepe & Coffee Co, Redfern. They make amazing crepes in here!

And I love the donuts at The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, Redfern. A little bit crispy and the dough is so good. There are so many delicious flavours too. I love the jam donut, lemon curd donut and this one which is strawberry or raspberry (I don't remember). I haven't tried all the flavours but I'm sure I'll love all of them. I also LOVE the milkshakes in here, they use Serendipity ice cream which is my favourite supermarket-bought ice cream. I love the peanut butter & jelly milkshake and the caramel miso milkshake. I love their donuts and milkshakes because they are not too sweet. Just the right balance, very good flavour <3

I love the burgers from Apetite Cafe, Redfern. The burger is so big, it's a bit unlady-like eating it. Lol.
This is burger with grilled chicken breast, bacon, avocado and sweet chilli mayo with Sonoma Bun. I love the bun especially but the filling is nice too.

Very nice grilled fish burger and very nice homemade chai tea. From Apetite Cafe, Redfern.

Tuscan style lamb shanks with green & black olives & rosemary. Served with mash potatoes. From Pitt st Diner, Redfern. Absolutely heartwarming and delicious.

Okay this is it for today. Until next time and I hope I don't make you too hungry. Peace <3

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